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ARC Review: Evan's Epiphany by Sydney Presley

Evan's Epiphany (Highgate Shifters #4) - Sydney Presley

2.5, rounded up.

I like this series. I like how it combines shifter romance between two men and action scenes. I like that these men are men, and not a bunch of whiny babies, and I like that the focus is fairly evenly between the romance/sexy times and the action.

This installment however was a bit of a letdown. It seemed too quick for me, too rapid, in how Evan goes from "who the heck am I" to "oh, yeah, that's my mate, and I love him".

That's my hang-up though, and you might not feel that way.

The book is written in a similar tone as the others in this series, so I did enjoy it, and the author is doing a nice job keeping things consistent and flowing. These are not standalones, though, and should absolutely be read in order. References are made to couples and characters from previous installments, and it's important to know about them to make sense of what's happening in this installment.

I will continue the series because I do enjoy it.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **