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Book Review: Spurred On by Jon Keys

Spurred On - Jon Keys
Some spoilers below...

Based on the blurb, this sounded like a nice retelling of Cinderella, casting Kegan into the role of the poor stepchild, with his mother having remarried a man with two sons of his own, and not seeing how her own kid is being treated.

Then she leaves town for a bit.

Stepdaddy Dearest dials up the wickedness and almost works Kegan to the bone on the ranch.
Plothole #1 - why doesn't Kegan tell, either his mother or his best friend who keeps showing up? This is not like Cinderella where both parents are gone, and here he's got a friend to talk to as well about the treatment he receives. Cell phones exist. These are modern times.
(show spoiler)

The neighbor's farm owners have a son about Kegan's age, who after four years of living in the area apparently still hasn't made any friends, so they throw him a ball rodeo to find eligible mates friends for him. Cole takes one look at Kegan and is head over heels.

Kegan would love to attend, but a) doesn't have time because Stepdaddy Dearest is making sure his workload doubles, and b) doesn't have a suitable horse. Or clothes, for that matter.

The Fairy Godmother appears in form of a Medicine Hat stallion, who not only comes with a set of shiny new clothing, but also understands every word Kegan says.

So Kegan enters the rodeo as Dusty, the nickname his stepfather gave him.

Plothole #2: He's not masked, he's not in any kind of costume, so how does nobody recognize him? How doesn't anyone realize who he is, considering he's lived in the area all his life?
(show spoiler)

Once I got to that point, I basically lost interest and mostly skimmed through the rest. There were some cute parts, sure. The interactions between Kegan and his horse were funny, most of the time, and I liked that the author used a lost spur in lieu of a glass slipper, and I sure liked the tongue lashing Kegan's mom gives her husband when she returns and the truth comes out. Some sexy times as well, though I didn't fully buy the connection between Kegan and Cole.

It felt uneven. Retelling a fairytale isn't easy, and while this was a nice attempt, it didn't fully succeed for me. YMMV.

** I received a free copy of this book from Pride Promos as part of a blogtour. A positive review was not promised in return. **