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Love Is An Open Road: Back To Eden by Marc Green

Back to Eden - Marc  Green

I'm not going to rate this, because it wouldn't be pretty.

First off, the name-dropping of various M/M authors and their books was irritating. I didn't realize this was a commercial.

Secondly, WTF - cliffhanger? This event is not meant to be used that way. Stories, no matter how short, should be at least somewhat complete. Am I supposed to buy the book that will continue this short story? Is it meant to be a teaser?

Thirdly, disparaging remarks about girl parts from a gay man. Seriously, that's just ridiculously cliched. And offensive to some. Possibly not the best way to appeal to female readers, who comprise a rather large chunk of your audience.

Fourthly, vampires, wolf shifters, and angels, oh my. Five men, excluding the narrator, living on a ranch, all of them supernatural in some way. Too much going on, with too little explanation, in less than 10k words. I guess if you're going for a cliffhanger, hoping to entice readers to buy the full book, that may seem logical. 

While I appreciate the author donating his time to this event, this story didn't work for me at all.