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ARC Review: Protection by T.T. Kove

Protection - T.T. Kove

This was just a glimpse into their beginning, and I thought it deserved a bit more than it got. I felt like it cut off too suddenly, especially after raising such an important subject as unprotected sex and the possible repercussions.

Both MCs were nice, if a bit stupid in their sexual endeavors, but the romance didn't feel believable. I felt let down by this book, for building the plot on the two men having unprotected sex, and then creating a relationship out of their need to get tested.

I liked that the author gave both of them a bit of characterization, and set them up for an "opposites attract" kind of scenario. The line between love and hate is sometimes thin, indeed, but the changes in Adrian's view of Oliver came on a bit too fast for my liking.

I did like that Oliver, for all his bravado and loudness, was given some insecurities, which were explained by his home life, which then felt a bit too cliched for my taste.

Overall 3 stars. There were some things I liked, and some I did not, the book being too short as one of the latter.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **