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ARC Review: Confessions Of A Wild Heart by Kade Boehme

Confessions of a Wild Heart - Kade Boehme

I was Kade's proof-reader/beta for this book. He has all the emails and texts cataloging my reactions to the story as the plot unfolds. I cried. I raged. I held my breath.

I rejoiced.

Both Jase and Ase have some serious issues. Young men when they first meet, they are torn apart by homophobia and terrible violence.

Four years later, they get a second chance. I won't spoil this for you - just know that I think you should read this.


Kade creates realistic characters, fully developed, fully formed, with realistic and organic dialogue that matches their established personalities. He gives them friends and family who all play a role in the plot. Especially Dustin and Lacey need to be mentioned - they are the kinds of friends who will help even if it costs them, even if it hurts them. 

This is no sweet M/M romance. Whoever complained about Kade's last book being too fluffy - you only have yourself to blame. There's not a lick of fluff in this one.

Obviously, I read this for free. This is still my unbiased opinion.