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Love Is An Open Road: Moondrake by Alexis Woods

Moondrake - Alexis Woods

I don't usually read Sci-Fi. Or books with dragons. So, when I saw the tags on this one, I was sort of reluctant to read it.

But then I read the first chapter and was hooked.

This was very interesting. Sweet in some parts, tough to read in others, especially in the early chapters. I liked how the author explored the lore she created, how she pinned a strong human against a Dragon shifter alien, how the two men misunderstood each other's intention, how the Drakken struggled to realize his approach in wooing his human was woefully inadequate and actually hindered his progress, how love has to grow and can't be forced by your alien pheromones, how mistreating your captive doesn't win you any brownie points. I liked that the author gave Manning backbone, and integrity, and cunning, but also allowed him to soften his stance when he realized pieces of the truth. I liked how he wouldn't back down when Kayluth tried to subdue him, and fought him at each opportunity, but then also was open to exploring this thing that was growing between them, and offered forgiveness and his heart in the end. (What? This is a romance, after all.)

And when the tide shifts, when the connection is allowed to grow into so much more, when explanations come forth, and both men soften, when they invite the love of a third - the tone changed and morphed into the romance I expected. Unforced, soft, something to cherish and protect. Sure, there are misunderstandings, but they work through them, they talk, they figure it out.

Very well done.

Another lovely submission to the Love Is An Open Road event from the M/M Romance group. My sincere thanks to the author for donating time and effort in this labor of love.