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Love Is An Open Road: Trusting The Flop by S. Allen

Trusting the Flop - S.  Allen

Another lovely story from the Love Is An Open Road event sponsored by the M/M Romance group.

In this novella, we meet Levi and his brother Anton, who are training for the Olympics, with Levi working hard on his high jump, and Owen, the new doctor for the team. When Levi and Owen meet, sparks fly immediately.

I liked how the author challenged Levi's perceptions and perspectives, giving him a lot to overcome. Owen felt a little too perfect on occasion, with nary a flaw, but then the story was told mostly from Levi's POV, so Owen's portrayal may have been colored with the rosy glasses of infatuation.

This was a sweet read. Loved Owen's nephew Parker - what a great kid.

My thanks to the author for participating in this event.