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Book Review: Rescuing Kyle by Eva LeFoy

Rescuing Kyle - Eva Lefoy

This was cute, albeit too short. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of these two, how they forge their lives together.


But as a novella, this was quite lovely. Kyle gets kicked out of his house by his abusive, homophobic father, and doesn't make it but a night on the streets before getting bashed. Rescued by Derek, a veteran suffering from PTSD, before anything too bad happens, Kyle rallies quickly and manages to finagle his way into Derek's life and heart. He's slightly naive when it comes to reality, but he learns quickly.


I thought Kyle was adorable, funny and geeky both, fixing up stuff in Derek's place, and basically running circles around Derek who finds himself suddenly not only with a younger housemate, but also a lover to warm his bed and keep the nightmares at bay. There's some hero worship at work, most likely, but it didn't feel creepy, and I believed their romance for the most part, even if it happened quickly. Kyle getting hired by MS - well... maybe that was a bit OTT.


Pfft - don't care.


Sure, this was fluff, but I could see that the author had attempted to address the issues within, especially where Kyle displays a huge amount of emotional maturity when it comes to dealing with his messed up family. What also struck me is that these are two people who really need each other, who find exactly the right person for each other, never mind their age difference. Both of them have scars, visible or not, and they help each other heal. And I'm a big marshmallow and gobbled that right up.


As I said, cute, a bit on the fluffy side, but a perfect little book to read on a sunny afternoon.


** I received a free copy from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **