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ARC Review: Strange Bedfellows by Cardeno C.

Strange Bedfellows - Cardeno C.

CC's latest story is as usual fluffy and sweet. Venturing into politics as a background, Strange Bedfellows matches a Republican House Representative with the billionaire son of the sitting Democrat POTUS.

Strange bedfellows, indeed.

Trevor isn't interested in politics, even though his parents are living in the White House and have been involved in politics his whole life. He has carved a life for himself, providing funding for start-up companies and selling his shares for a profit. He has tons of money, a job he enjoys, and men to warm his bed for a night.

Ford Hollingsworth has been groomed for his father's Senate seat for a long time. Gay, but not out to anyone, he has denied himself most of his life, living mostly celibate bc of politics and his deeply-held faith, he's been lonely and unfulfilled, but scared to go after what he really wants.

Meeting Trevor in a nightclub in NYC, not realizing that Trevor has recognized him, the two men spent a hot and heavy night together.

And then they meet up again. And talk on the phone. Text. Meet some more. Of course it's all hush-hush, bc politics, but over the course of 7 months, the two fall in love. And Ford is faced with a choice.

I really loved how the author positioned the two on separate ends of their respective spectrums, how initially Trevor seems to have it all together, when it's actually Ford who is the strong one to make the choice that's right for them both. I liked how Trevor still had an opportunity to learn something, to change his view of things, and how strongly the two felt for each other.

I loved how Trevor, once he got over himself, supported Ford quietly (and not so quietly), and how Ford stood by his convictions, but was able to let go of the things that had kept him in the closet.

And of course, a HEA is always in a CC book, and this one didn't deviate from that expectation. I liked how the author created the ending, even if it was slightly unbelievable that Ford's parents would so quickly change their minds and be so supportive, but hey, it's a CC romance and that's okay.

I quite enjoyed it. The sexy times are hot, but also emotional, and while this book, like most from this author, rates high on the fluffy scale, I really like reading that kind of story. It doesn't have to be realistic to be enjoyable.

** I received a free copy of this book from it's author. A positive review was not promised in return. **