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Love Is An Open Road: How To Catch A Cheetah by Liza Kay

How to Catch a Cheetah - Liza Kay

Another well done story from the Love Is An Open Road event from the M/M Romance group, this rather long novella pairs a freedom-loving Ostrich shifter with a Cheetah shifter who lives in a mixed cat pride with his foster father (a lion), a panther and a Red Persian cat.

With lots of snarky banter, the relationship between Djimon (birdy) and Kei (kitty-cat) starts off with a chase, a run, and then domestic sexual bliss (bc mating compulsion means sex, sex, sex, mate, mate, mate), and ends on a surprising note.


The author didn't fail to include some important points, mainly their lack of honest communication and the problems that causes, and their failure to tell each other how they feel until they both need that wake-up call. Seems like birds aren't all that much smarter than cats.

It was super fun to read, even though there were a couple of things that niggled at me, specifically when it came to Kei, who often comes across as a spoiled brat, but who then redeemed himself in the end. And I'd like to read the story about Alan and Thony, please. Make that happen, Liza Kay!

If you like snarky banter, a nicely formed supporting cast, and shifters to boot, this is worth checking out. And FREE, in case you missed that. :)