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Love Is An Open Road: The Downs by Kim Fielding

The Downs - Kim Fielding

Another gem from the Love Is An Open Road event, where each year authors/members of the M/M Romance group share their talent freely to create an amazing array of stories.

The Downs is a story about revenge, about suffering, about redemption, about change, and about love. It's about seeing what's real, about realizations, and about finding that what you never knew you needed. It's about the power of love, about seeing beyond the outer shell of a man, about regrets and learning to move past them.

Superb writing, excellent flow to the storyline, and wonderful character growth, with a bit of magic and fantasy woven in; this is Kim Fielding at her best.

So well done, and absolutely worth your time.

Small trigger warning - there is mention of non-con, but it's over quickly, and not graphic at all.