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ARC Review: Meant For Me (Rock Gods 5) by Ann Lister

Meant For Me - Ann Lister

This was my first book by this author, and thus the first I read in this series. While it's usually not a good idea to read book 5 of a series first, there was no issue here, as this book is perfectly fine as a standalone. The author did a great job at seamlessly weaving in just enough background info on the other couples/throuples that make an appearance to explain the relationships.

I enjoyed reading this, even though I wanted to smack both Jared and Tony equally on occasion. I understood that they had some hangups about taking their long friendship to the next level, but the way they acted was somewhat juvenile, especially considering that they've been friends for so long, roommates even, and still couldn't figure out how to be honest with each other.

The sudden illness was a nice plot device, if a wee bit cliched, but it worked for the most part, and moved the plot forward.

As I said, I enjoyed reading this. Yes, it was cliched to some extent, and on occasion, the men were a bit too immature for the ages they were supposed to be, but I still snarled at anyone who dared interrupt me while I was reading this. And any book that can do that is worthy of the 4 stars this one received.

The writing flows well here, and I was glued to the pages until these two finally got their heads out of their behinds and figured things out.

Toward the end, the author sets up the next book in the series, which apparently will deal with a forced intervention between two characters for whom the line between love and hate is very thin indeed. I think I'll be reading that one too.

** My thanks to Dani CM / Creative Minds blogtours who provided me with a copy of this book in preparation for the tour stop on June 6. A positive review was not promised in return. **