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DRitC - Love Is An Open Road: Salvaging Toby's Heart by Lexi Ander

Salvaging Toby's Heart - Lexi Ander

I took a chance on this story because of the image in the prompt. It was so very different than anything else I'd seen, and I wanted to know what Lexi Ander had done with it.

I'm not usually one for Sci-Fi or speculative fiction, nor do I usually seek out books that take place hundreds of years in the future, with space travel and interplanetary travels and such things.

But, oh man. The image prompt. One of the men has tentacles that extend from his head. He's blue. His male appendage is massive. The human male, impaled on said appendage, seems to be enjoying the impalement. And holy wow, tentacles. But not the kind you'd see on an octopus - no, these tentacles look like additional male appendages. Fascinating.

I really liked this, which is a little surprising, but if I think about it, not really surprising at all. Because at its core, this romance story is about finding your mate (something that makes me swoon) and healing the hurt and pain of the past by finding the one who treasures you (which also makes me swoon).

The explanations of how these alien creatures live, their culture, their habits, the way they produce and raise their young, how fierce they are when it comes to protecting those they love - it was all so well done.

Toby, the human, quickly sees how very different this alien culture is, how they strive as a community, as a people, without falling into the human traps of greed, power, and war-mongering. I liked how the author really showed the differences.

When Sol and Toby mate - holy shitballs, that wasn't just scorching hot, but also super romantic and emotional. Their connection was evident from the start.

So, yeah... maybe not my first ever Sci-Fi M/M romance, but hot damn, probably my favorite one to date.

Lexi Ander, you rocked this!

By the way, folks, this is a free read from the DRitC - LOVE IS AN OPEN ROAD event organized by the M/M Romance group on Goodreads. I cannot thank the authors enough for giving so freely to those of us who love this genre.