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DRitC - Love Is An Open Road: FAWN by Nash Summers

fawn - Nash Summers

I'm having a difficult time putting into words what this story did to me.


Reading it was almost an ethereal experience. The author's words drew a picture of breezes in trees, of sunlight dancing on blades of grass, and of air shimmering across an open field.


There is angst within, there are characters who are evil and unkind, and there are struggles, but through all of it, Rust's voice is clear as a bell, somewhat naive, trusting and getting hurt, but always amazed at the world around him. He sees beauty in things most of us ignore or take for granted, and he captures that beauty in his art. He's a free spirit, a sprite, an innocent, and he manages somehow to keep that air of innocence around him, even when his heart gets broken and crushed into dust.


The story speaks of struggles with an abusive father (not Rust's), and of struggles to come to terms with being gay, when that's something you've been drilled and beaten to hate. It speaks of moving forward, of not letting the rain and storms be a negative thing, but dance on, revel in the water splashing your face, find joy in nature and the circle of life.


There were tears. Oh, so many tears, for Rust and for Ancel, for the things they have to endure, for their time apart, for the hurt and pain.


But there is love, too, and it is beautiful. It is Heaven.

I beg you, read this. It's free. Though I would gladly pay for this.


Nash Summers, if MAPS hadn't convinced me of your talent, this story surely would. Thank you for writing this. I was blown away.