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Book Review: Chasing The Rainbow by Kade Boehme

Chasing the Rainbow - Kade Boehme

Kade Boehme has this thing about writing people taken from real life. What I mean by that is that his characters feel like they could be your neighbors down the street.

In this, his latest release, though a somewhat shortish book, he gives us Jody and Bobby, two characters who are somewhat opposites, but also not. It was fascinating to follow along and watch as Bobby, notorious for not wanting to be tied down, ties himself quite unwittingly and unexpectedly to Jody, who gives him space and time to find his footing in a real relationship.

Sure, there are bumps in the road, but I believed their romance. These are also men, or at least they sound like men to this female reader, and I appreciate that in a M/M romance.

I quite liked this, yes, I did.

I will forgive a lack of proper proofreading in a self-published novel more readily, but some of those I found were glaring or perhaps a case of lack of attention to details.