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ARC Review: Path Not Taken by Andrew Grey

Path Not Taken - Andrew  Grey

I just love that the novellas in this collection from Dreamspinner all feature older, mature characters. And Andrew Grey just always delivers, no matter how long or short the book.

This was a great story about two men who missed their chance in their teenage years, with major heartbreak, and find each other again by chance when they're both at a point in their lives to try again.

Trent is alone after his long-time boyfriend John died about two years ago. When he runs into Brit on his weekly trip to Philly, it's like time has stood still - all those teenage feelings are still there.

Brit is also alone after breaking up with his boyfriend a while back.

Cautiously, Trent wonders if the flames can be rekindled, especially since Brit is now willing to explore them as well.

I liked that the author didn't let them fall head over heels, that there was caution and fear, and that Trent's dead lover wasn't quickly forgotten. The two men felt real, their struggles to find their path back to each other felt organic and realistic.

I loved Trent's mother - lots of great advice from her, and it was very clear that she loved her son unconditionally and wanted him to be happy. The scenes with Peter, Brit's ex-boyfriend, were amusing, to be sure, but I also saw a side of Trent that I didn't quite expect. Kudos to the author for keeping me guessing.

I really, really liked that these were fully fleshed out characters, with interests and experiences.

Well done!

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **