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ARC Review: Until I Found You by B.G. Thomas

Until I Found You - B.G. Thomas

Christopher is devastated when he finds his little Pomerian Frost is missing. After a bad break-up, Christopher poured all his love on that little dog, and now he's gone.

A year later, Christopher is walking in the park when he comes across Frost again, only now the little dog is named Jack, and his adoptive owner, Doyle.

This was super cute for the most part, and a bit heavy in some others. Doyle's grief after losing his husband was palpable and jumped right off the pages, and both men carry a lot of hurt in their hearts, something that was very clear from their actions and words.

But Jack/Frost creates an immediate bond between the two lonely men, and the little dog takes center stage as a match maker.

Fluffy, sure, but oh so welcome. It didn't take me long to read this little novella, but I closed it with a huge smile on my face.

Lovely, just lovely!!

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **