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ARC Review: Emergency Contact by Elle Brownlee

Emergency Contact - Elle Brownlee

This book took me by surprise, to be honest. I liked the blurb, which made me request it for review, but I wasn't quite prepared for what I found within its pages.

It's part character study, part life lesson for making assumptions, and part quiet romance that grew on me. I was initially a little bit bored, because nothing really happened, but as we get deeper into Liam's mind, seeing how quickly Garrett makes himself a part of Liam's life, how well the two men fit together, I was more and more spellbound.

Yes, the writing tends to be a bit on the drier side, with lots of big words being used, but that actually fit the character the author created in Liam. Someone who's educated, highly analytical, mathematical to the point of using precise calculations on where to put ornaments on a Christmas tree - such a man will not use small, everyday words. No, such a man will use words that most of us won't employ in our daily lives, and thus it fit.

I almost thought that Liam might be borderline on Autism spectrum, though that is never mentioned. He has a difficult time believing that someone would like him or love him, and he is insecure about himself. He doesn't think that his lifestyle is something a man like Garrett, young and open and enthusiastic, might want, and he is quite adept at talking himself into self-doubt at every corner.

I liked Garrett. He was steady, steadfast, and continued his path despite Liam's hang-ups. He had convictions, he acted by them, and he got his man in the end.

There's very little on-screen sex, which actually added to the overall experience of this book, and while the two men engage in bedroom antics relatively early on, this also felt right in the overall story line.

I would have liked to have reached into the book on occasion to smack Liam a little, especially when he almost succeeds in giving up that what he's come to need, but I did feel rather proud of him when he realizes the mistake he's made and sets upon correcting it. With a little help from Garrett, of course.

Lots of self-inflicted angst, for sure, but I think this is worth your time reading. It is a quiet book, for sure, but it packs a punch.


**I received a free copy from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **