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ARC Review: Finding Figaro by Penny Hudson

Finding Figaro - Penny Hudson

This story was an okay read. I liked how the author created multi-dimensional characters, but the story suffered from having two plotlines that never really converged. On one side we have a cute story about an aspiring writer, who meets a prolific author, and their multiple roadblocks on the way to romance, and on the other hand we had the story of an aspiring writer in an awful job, with a pregnant sister, a snotty ex-boyfriend, and pretentious expectations.

There were redundant scenes that added nothing to the enjoyment factor, like the tedious exploration of the illegal bottling operation Jasper's boss is running, which slowed the pace of the story to a crawl.

I had high hopes for this book, based on the blurb, but was sadly disappointed with the results. The writing itself isn't bad - it flows well enough, when it's not getting bogged down with superfluous details - and Jasper was an interesting character. I also saw a lot of cynicism in Isaac that came through in his thoughts and words. He was genuinely interested in Jasper, not only in getting him into his bed, but also in helping him succeed as a writer.

What the author did well was giving her characters room to grow, as both Isaac and Jasper show toward the end, and I appreciated that.

The idea for this story was a good one. The execution unfortunately, not so much.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **