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ARC Review: Sex, Lies and Wedding Bells by E.M. Lynley

Sex, Lies & Wedding Bells - E.M. Lynley

I liked this more than my co-blogger who also read this book, but I had some of the same hangups she had.

First off, the 'mystery' why Danetta, the runaway bride, left three grooms at the altar, and how she got them to not only want to marry her (especially groom 2, 3, and 4) but also why she ran out on the first three. Who forgave her, apparently. And who also, for some reason I couldn't quite understand, kept her secret hidden, and didn't tell groom 4, when he also fell for that ploy.

I did however believe her remorse, even if it took serendipity for her to come clean. I also could somewhat see how her parents relationship could have affected her in that way.

Secondly, Jaxon (with an X) - the GFY part wasn't entirely believable, and came about too suddenly for my liking. Also, the emotional cheating, plus the physical cheating is probably not going to be something every reader will like. I also didn't get really much of a reason as to why he fell for the woman he's about to marry - I don't know that men are that easily manipulated, and that blind to what's not working in the relationship. Or that lazy, to be quite honest, to avoid thinking about entering into a marriage with a woman they're not sure about.

The rest of it worked for me, though, and as usual, Ms. Lynley's writing is crisp, engaging and connecting. The POVs change on occasion, with most of the book written from Kieran's third person POV, but also allowing a peek into Jaxon's mind. The love scenes were really well done, especially since Jaxon has never been with a man, and served to highlight their emotional connection more than anything.

I liked Kieran after initially thinking him a bit of an ass, but I believed him to be thunderstruck by Jaxon, and I believed that he fell for the man head over heels. Oh, how he struggled to do the right thing, how he fought against his feelings - I bought it all.

The grand misunderstanding toward the end (after some holy hot boysecks, Batman - butt virgin and all) was understandable to an extent but also predictable. It's followed by the also predictable grand gesture - though I must give kudos to Kieran for doing that right - which brings them back to each other. Hey, you knew that, right? It's a ROMANCE, after all!

I did like the relationship between Kieran and Jaxon - there were some rather funny moments, and their banter felt realistic. I also believed their romance, even if it comes late in the book and is almost derailed by the "grand misunderstanding".

Kieran's best friend Alexa - she almost seemed an afterthought, and I would have liked to see more of her on page. I also liked the inclusion of Sam, who's a bartender/bar owner in Bumfuck, sorry, Buckwheat, Texas, where most of this story takes place, and appreciated the wisdom she shared.

Overall, nicely done. I was entertained, and if my hangups with this book don't bother you, I think you'll enjoy this too.

** I received a free copy from the author. A positive review was not promised in return. **