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ARC Review: The Devil Will Do by Heidi Cullinan

The Devil Will Do - Heidi Cullinan

As you may know, I tend to devour anything and everything Heidi puts out, and when this little treasure came up for a tour and an ARC, I signed up faster than you can blink.

Because - you know - Heidi-freaking-Cullinan!

Fair warning - this isn't the kind of book I've come to expect from this author. But it also is. Lemme explain...

In her kinky, twisted fairytales (magic and illusions included), Heidi tends to cast an unlikely hero in the hero slots. We saw this in Miles & The Magic Flute, and we saw his in Hero. This novel is no different in that aspect, though Eryn is probably even less a likely hero than Miles or Hal, respectively, but it's probably because Eryn is such an unlikely hero that the book's message comes across so clearly.

With The Devil Will Do, Heidi also kicked up the kink-o-meter a few hundred notches, and this book was deliciously depraved. There's humiliation, shame, public display, anal training, demon sex, and most of it is non-con or dub-con at best.

Though - and this has to be made clear - none of it is for titillation purposes, none of it is to excite the reader. Every scene, every act is part of Eryn's journey to learn his own true self and, first and foremost, learn self-acceptance.

And yet, despite the kink, the book retains its fairytale qualities as well. It has a magical quality to it, almost ethereal, dreamlike. The writing flows easily, and while the kink is ever present, it's never described in too much detail - what's important, what is pointed out time and again, is Eryn's path to believing in his own worth.

Eryn's dreams of his fair-skinned prince, his true love, are what set him off on his journey. What he learns on his quest is profound and life-altering.

What stood out for me the most is that this twisted tale of kink is at its very core a love story, a romance. The lengths to which Eryn goes to rescue Wyn, his fated true love, his prince, are extraordinary, and that, my friends, is what makes this book deserve every single star I gave it.

Yeah, it's very kinky. And yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Again, fair warning. This book isn't for everyone, but if you don't mind (or if you enjoy) the kind of kink included here, please give this a try.


** I received a free copy of this book from its author. A positive review was not promised in return. This book was previously published under the title Sweet Son, but has been extensively revised.**