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ARC Review: Dillon's Decisions by Sydney Pressley

Dillon's Decisions - Sydney Presley

This book, the 3rd in the Highgate Shifters series, focused on Dillon, married to Sergeant (Alpha), who is their security expert.

The men have just recently returned from their expedition to the Crossways pack's compound, liberating the wolves there, and are hoping for a bit of peace and quiet, when Dillon spots a lone wolf on the security cameras who looks like the one they left in charge at Crossways. Upon further inspection, they determine that the young man, confused and dazed, is not actually Caleb, and that he's been apparently sent by the Agency for which Dillon used to work.

The explanations and science behind the young man's confused and strange state were over my head, with face changes (like, plastic surgery?) and some drug I've never heard of that seems to be capable of transmitting data (??) - it was a bit too complicated for this reader. YMMV.

The plot progresses swiftly, and I read with increasing anxiety how Dillon and Sergeant try to solve the mystery, but was ultimately let down when the villain and motives were revealed. They were simply too far-fetched for my taste, and left a sour taste in my mouth, especially combined with the swift and almost too-easy resolution to the threat the villain posed.

Hot man-on-man loving is included, and worked well with how it was fit into the plotline. It didn't feel gratuitous, but expected for these two men, who've been together for a long time and love each other very much. The writing is engaging, and the author did a good job with the strong relationship between Dillon and Sergeant, the pack dynamics, the characters (except the villain), and the mystery (which blind-sided me), and I'm def interested in future installments from this series. These books are a nice combo between M/M Romance and action novels. 

**I received a free copy from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **