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Book Review: Abel by CJ Bishop


This book has an interesting plot, but unfortunately, the plot is entirely overpowered by the multiple sex scenes, to the point where I started skimming them around midpoint.

Too bad - this could have been a great story. There were some moments that had me scratching my head. Characterizations are lacking. Lots of people are having sex without ever mentioning any kind of condom. The guy who "buys" Abel has a ridiculous reason for doing so, as though the author tried to make him more likable for basically purchasing a young man who he knows doesn't have much of a choice. Hence the dub-con tag. 


The good doctor is an idiot, the two dancer friends of Abel are meddling fools. The doctor's brother is a sociopath. The only realistic characterization in this book was Abel's sister, though she didn't get a whole lot of screen time.


Why then three stars? Because, as much as I grew bored with the sex scenes, I did grow to like Abel and needed to know whether he would get the HEA he so richly deserved. And any author who can make me care for her character deserves to get three stars.


There is an entire series available by this author, all about the many characters in this book. I might have to check them out.



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