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ARC Review: Remember Me Not, My Love by JD Walker

Remember Me Not, My Love - J.D. Walker

This was just too short at 28 pages on my Nook, and thus felt rushed to the HFN ending.

Terry was kicked out of his home at 18 for coming out to his parents, shortly after witnessing his so-called friends beat up on a gay classmate. Shocked into inaction, Terry could only watch the abuse being doled out, but was so affected by it that he decided to tell his parents he was gay.

And promptly lost everything. After a while on the street, working what jobs he could get and prostituting himself to survive, he has found a place to live and a job that pays the bills.

When chance reunites him with the boy who was tormented and beaten, Terry doesn't at first recognize him. Ishmael, the boy, now a young man himself, approaches Terry again, and they form a tentative friendship.

Terry is still struggling with his self-image and doesn't think he deserves forgiveness, or deserves to be loved.

The author attempted to lay out the psychological scars that both Terry and Ishmael carry, and the differences in how they've moved on from their own ordeals, but sadly didn't make this story long enough to adequately address the issues raised within.

I think as a longer story, with more time taken to get these two young men from meeting again to falling in love with each other and forming a relationship, this book could have worked much better. As it currently is, I'm left wanting.

** I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley. A positive review was not promised in return. **