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ARC Review: A Terrible Husband by Jameson Dash

A Terrible Husband - Jameson Dash

Miles, a former model, and Jeremy, a rockstar/band manager, are approaching their 10th anniversary. Miles appears to be struggling with his purpose in life after retiring from modeling, and Jeremy appears very busy with his own job. Leading up to their anniversary, Jeremy misses a pre-anniversary dinner that Miles prepares, and Miles is still mad when they leave for Ibiza for vacation.


Their relationship dynamics were interesting, to say the least. I thought that Miles was the more dominant one of the two, and that he didn't realize how whiny and selfish and petulant he was. As this book is told entirely from Miles' limited third person POV, we don't get a whole lot of insight into Jeremy, but there is sufficient information between the lines to form somewhat of a picture.


Basically, to me, Miles was pretty much an ass. I could understand his struggles to some extent, and his disappointment at not always being first in Jeremy's life, especially on important dates, but he didn't win any brownie points with me for his petulance, for his childish behavior, and for his complacence at having let the relationship deteriorate. Honest communication didn't seem to rate high with him, and it took until the end of the book for them to actually have a conversation that felt realistic and honest.


The writing was good, suited for this type of novella, and the author managed to put a lot between the lines to make the reader think. Though, while we're told that Miles is 34 more than once, his character often felt much younger, furthered by his whining attitude and poor-me complaints.


I liked that the author gave Miles opportunity to actually see what he's been doing to Jeremy, and it does bring about a bit of change in Miles toward the end. For a lot of the book, it felt as if we were heading straight to break-up-ville, but Miles fortunately pulled his head out of his ass before that could happen.


I'd like to know if the two actually go through with their plans upon returning to England - there's hope, but it'll take work.


Not a bad character study. If you're not looking for a super hot boy-meets-boy romance, but are more interested in reading about the struggles of an established couple, this book is for you.


** I received a free copy from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **