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ARC Review: Falling For Ramos by Sue Brown

Falling for Ramos - Sue  Brown

This story is high on angst and drama, which isn't quite what I expected based on the cover and blurb.


The book is also told in three parts - the initial romance when Colin meets Andro when they're 19, their break-up and subsequent heartbreak when they're 25, and Andro's reappearance in Colin's life when they're 35. Which would be fine, if the storyline wasn't constantly broken between ages 19, 25 and 35, which made it a little difficult to follow along.


The author raised some interesting themes as far as cultural differences, familial obligations, duties to your heritage, and made it work in this book. I liked both characters well enough though 25 year old Colin felt as much as a doormat as 35 year old Colin, and Andro comes across as a bit too forceful and seemingly unable to take no for an answer. He wants Colin back and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. If only he had applied that same determination when he was 25.


The back-and-forth jumping between present and past was jarring at times, but we did get a full picture of their love affair. The abrupt ending also didn't work too well for me. The romantic notion that their love is so super special that it can overcome their long separation is nice, but doesn't address the differences in their pasts, what with Andro having married and produced children, and Colin wasting his time on a relationship with a man he's not in love with but who resembles Andro.


And while I don't usually comment on the cover, this one was ill-suited to this particular book. It's misleading, at the very least.


** I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **