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ARC Review: Jace's Justice by Sydney Presley

Jace's Justice - Sydney Presley

This was a nice start to a new series.


Jace has grown up in the Highgate Shifter pack, after having been found abandoned by the side of the road when he was but a pup. Rescued by the Alpha of the pack and adopted into his family, Jace has no recollection of his birth family. As he comes of age, his love for Louie only grows, but the other man gives no indication that he feels the same pull of a mating bond. Jace also struggles with the knowledge that he's adopted, that he doesn't really belong.


Louie, a member of the Highgate pack, has been in love with Jace for as long as he can remember, but dares not show his feelings for fear that Jace's birth family will return to claim him and take him away.


Then a stranger shows up who looks much like Jace and brings a mate with him.

Jace and Louie finally open up to each other.


The Highgate pack becomes involved in an issue with another pack (can't say much bc spoilers).


For this being the first in a series, the book did some nice world-building that was fully integrated into the plot. There wasn't a massive amount of explanation or history, and everything the reader needed to know was explained as part of the plot/narration/dialogue without getting tedious.


It just felt a bit too fluffy, too easy how everything fell into place, after such a strong start, and by the end of the book, I felt a bit let down. The villain was shallow, one-dimensional. The supporting characters also felt as if they needed some additional fleshing out.


I did like that Jace did some growing up, and made amends with those he had hurt.

I look forward to the next book from this series.


** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher, Totally Bound. A positive review was not promised in return. **