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Book Review: The Boy Who Came In From The Cold by BG Thomas

The Boy Who Came In From the Cold - B.G. Thomas

This is a bit of a Cinderfella romance, with Gabe being the Knight in shining armor, and Todd being the neglected, mistreated and downtrodden boy needing to be rescued. Then again, it's also a romantic love story, and despite the insta-love, I didn't feel as if either Gabe or Todd were using each other or not truly in love. It had character growth, and if you were expecting Todd to be some shrinking damsel in distress, you'd be wrong. He's got some backbone, and he's got a brain. He's in a very bad spot when Gabe finds him, but they figure it out. And then rescues Gabe right back. 


A sweet romance, fluffy and full of sugar, set in the same gay-friendly KC universe in which most of B.G.'s stories take place, this was just what I needed during a cold and dreary day.