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Book Review: Time To Upsize by Graeme Aitken

Time to Upsize (The Indignities Book 1) - Graeme Aitken

I picked this up for free from ARe, and that's about all the good I can say about this book.

If this was supposed to be satire (as the blurb might lead you to believe), it failed. Stephen is in a relationship with Blake, who might be a bit bland compared to his usual fare, but is a nice, reliable, caring guy. Stephen, however, is not only a conceited, vain asshole, too busy thinking about his less than average dick, but also a cheater and liar, and basically takes Blake for granted. He's an out of work actor, whose only claim to fame was a short sting in an Australian TV series playing the boytoy du jour for one of the more famous characters. He has done nothing much since other than sit on his ass, go on long holidays with Blake, that are all about Stephen, and fuck his way through the bath houses and gyms in Sydney where they live. It's all about Stephen. It's all about Stephen's charisma, and Stephen's needs and Stephen's wants, and Stephen's desires, and he cares nothing about anyone else. He schemes and he plots and he does all kinds of terrible things to get what he wants. His derision of Blake made me angry, and Stephen deserved every bit of what he happened to him. He's a psycho, and I wouldn't wish this guy on my worst enemies.

The writing may be good, but the character from whose eyes we see this tale unfold is so unlikable and so fucking awful that I nearly DNF'd the book. This was a waste of time, and I cannot in good conscience recommend this to anyone.