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Book Review: The Executive Lounge by Angela Benedetti

The Executive Lounge - Angela Benedetti

I liked this chatty, rambly MC (Rob) who just finished his MBA with a BA in Tech Engineering and starts working for Nick Castle.

I liked the meat of the story, with the sweeter side of BDSM, and how it explored the relationship end of things, with only a few scenes (which were hot!).

What I didn't like were the loose ends - the underpaid Julie Kale, who does all the work and doesn't get the kudos for it. Why wasn't this resolved? And the lack of concern over a bunch of managers all sitting around in a club, with some of the managers at the feet of others - this was a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. And a bunch of them getting roofied at the club - no resolution to that either.

But what really made me blink was the BIG misunderstanding toward the end. Yeah, I kind of get why the author did that, and we've seen this plenty of times in other romance novels, but combined with the loose ends, it just didn't work for me.

Also, really? While it may be considered super romantic to enter a D/s collared relationship right after, was that really the best way to do that? Would not an epilogue, giving both MCs a bit more time to find their footing in the relationship, have been better suited to this?

So, 2.5 stars. There were some parts I really liked, and some that didn't work for me at all.

**This was a free read from the M/M Romance group's Love Has No Boundaries 2013 event. **