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ARC Review: Blue Mountain (Pack #1) by Cardeno C.

Blue Mountain - Cardeno C.

The fact that I'm reading shifter books can be solely faulted to Cardeno C., who offered me the first book in the Mates series a while back, when I mentioned on Facebook that I wasn't really into shifter books.

This has changed since then because I've not only devoured Wake Me Up Inside, but every single shifter book CC has written, and Blue Mountain is no different. When I saw the book pop up on Goodreads, I begged (not sorry) to get an early copy. Of course, CC obliged.

If the series shapes up anything like this book, we're in for a treat. I adored this. ADORED this.

Mitch Grant is an Alpha, though without a mate, and his brother is the Alpha of the Blue Mountain pack, mated to an Alpha female.

Mitch lives on his own on the outskirts of pack land, hoping that one day he'll find his own mate. He's sort of a loner, protective of his pack, but not really a full participant.

Then Simon Moorehead enters the pack land, for reasons that aren't immediately cleared up, and is accosted by some of the pack members for entering their territory without permission.

One sniff of Simon's blood tells Mitch all he needs to know - this is his mate, and by God, he will protect him at all cost.

Simon has had a hard life. Exiled at 13 by his own pack for being a gay Omega wolf, he's been on the run with his mother for a dozen years. He has learned to rely on himself, without a pack to call home, and is immediately distrustful of the hunky Alpha who takes him home and offers him his bed to rest. Feeds him. Cares for him.

I loved how the author showed the immediate mating bond between the two, but also gave Simon reason not to believe in his own feelings. I loved how Mitch, the big Alpha wolf, the strong, silent protector, had a gentle and loving attitude toward Simon from the start, even though he was hurt when Simon, his mate, rejected him. He didn't give up, kept chipping away at the walls, slowly but surely.

This is CC at the absolute best - a grandiose, romantic love story between two fated mates, without any contrived conflict, misunderstandings and other cliches we so often find in the books we read. It's the story of how one man quietly, persistently works his way into another man's heart, the mating bond working in his favor, but never taking choices away.

As with all of CC's books, I was swept away by the wonderful, emotional writing, and closed this book with a sigh and a smile.

Only Cardeno C. does this special brand of sweet, fluffy, fully satisfying romance. I can hardly wait for the next one.



** I received a free copy of this book from the author. A positive review was not promised in return. **