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Review Request: Burnin' For You (Books 1 and 2) by Jamie Lynn Miller

Burnin' for You - Jamie Lynn Miller

This was really good. Intense, giving a lot of insight into the dangers firefighters and paramedics have to face every single day.


We first meet Lucas, a respected firefighter, who tragically lost his partner in a work accident and isn't willing to open himself up again to another relationship with someone in his profession.


He has a scorching encounter with Evan, but doesn't realize who the guy is until Evan shows up as the new paramedic for the Fire and Rescue Dept, where Lucas works.

And Lucas immediately shuts down any efforts from Evan to expand on the possibility of a relationship, but doesn't tell Evan why at first.


Undeterred, Evan continues his pursuit, having developed feelings rather quickly.

I really liked that these two men talked (well, after Lucas pulled his head out of his ass), and that they had honest conversations about their fears.


In the 2nd book, their new relationship is tested by a stalker and a deranged husband of a woman whom Evan tries to help.


The author did a great job developing her characters and giving them reasons for why they act the way they do. There was a good chunk of what appeared to be realistic scenes (not that I would know) dealing with the daily life of firefighters and paramedics, and the dangers they encounter, scenes that are bolstering the realistic feeling of these novels, and also move the plot forward. I loved the romance between the two men - while they do fall fast, it felt like it could happen, and the sexy times were super hot. The author also spend a good amount of time showing through dialogue and actions that the characters had reasons for their actions (lessons from the past), and that also contributed to the realistic and organic feel of these novels.


The only thing I didn't like is how in my copy, the book seemingly just kind of ended, and I wasn't ready for that. 


This is definitely an author to watch, and I look forward to reading more!

** I was offered a free copy of this book by its author, and sure am glad I took her up on it. As always, a positive review was not promised in return. **